Senvita’s Mission

   Endless fragrance, endless romance. Each perfume brings you a new story – “Senvita Huong Sac Viet”.

   The lotus flower symbolizes purity, detachment and purity. In addition, Sen also helps homeowners remove all worries, thereby becoming calm and enjoying happiness.


“Senvita was born with the mission to bring different and unique scents with the main ingredient extracted from lotus flower. We not only aspire to create classy and luxurious fragrances, we also want to convey the beauty and quintessence of Oriental culture to consumers through the provision of quality scent products. national level. We are ready to “satisfy” customers who have a “taste” of fastidious scents at a reasonable price but with international quality. In the future, Senvita will gradually develop and introduce more cosmetic lines and functional foods extracted from Sen in the shortest time.”

makes the difference with “QUALITY” AND “PREMIUM”

We understand that creating a scent that everyone wants to own is really not easy. Not only being strict about safety criteria, the extraction process and the “fastidiousness” in the selection of raw materials are also what determine the reputation of the brand and the value of the product.

Each lotus flower and other natural materials must meet quality standards with a rigorous testing process. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the scent of Senvita perfume can “creep” into the sense of smell and retain in customers’ minds, giving them special unforgettable emotions.


  Not only famous as the “cradle of the perfume industry”, France is also known by the world’s most advanced perfumery production process.

   To extract a very small amount of perfume oil but still have to ensure absolute quality, Every step in the French production process is invested and focused, spending a lot of effort and cost according to strict standards to create a perfect product before reaching customers. That is also the reason why Senvita applies this technology to the process of extracting essence from lotus flowers, because we understand that the value of a perfume bottle does not stop only in quality but also due to the high-class. that the product brings.


   With the desire to bring the Lotus flower to raise its value in the Vietnamese and international markets, Senvita perfume is a product. The first representative product to reach customers and follow up with cosmetic lines in the near future. Combining modern production processes, high-quality raw materials and exclusive formula is one of Senvita’s core strategies to bring products to the market. Premium products from Lotus according to international standards come closer to customers around the world.

  With these desires and spirit in mind, we hope that each scent of Senvita perfume will become a story of your own, is a special catalyst to make your life more diverse and uplifting.